Digital Development

More than 12 years of experience in building and maintaining websites, producing front-end, implementing back-end and managing full-stack hosting solutions.

I was drawn to technology and innovations from early days. Leveraged power of digital age to become self-taught web developer, producing valuable experiences while iterating fast from real world feedback.

In last years I am heavily focused on producing highly performant front-ends based on Vue JS and utilizing Microservices architecture for scalability and resiliance to ensure solid user experience.

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Front End technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • Vue JS
  • Vuetify JS
  • Nuxt JS
  • Vue Router
  • VueX
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Flexbox
  • SVG
  • JQuery

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